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Mahawthahta.....<The judgement of the stolen necklace>

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-Once a poor woman ,who could not afford the gold and gems of the rich,made for her self a necklace of coloured yarn.One day she was passing bby the pond beside the pavilion where the buddha-to-be Mahawthahta was playing with his companions,and she stopped to bathe.She took off her jacket and her coloured yarn necklace and, leaving them on the shore ,swam in to the pone with her waist garment pulled to cover her breasts.When she was bathing another woman passed by and,seeing the pretty necklace ,want to have it for her self .She took it up and asked the woman bathing in the pond:"What a pretty necklace!How did you make this?i would like to make one my self;can you tell me how much yarn you need?"
Then asking if she might try it on,she fastened it around her neck and ran away.The real owner hurriedly got out of the water,dried and dressed her self,and gave chase.She accused the thief,who denied,it saying the necklace was her own property.The pass by the pavilion where Mahawthahta and his companions were playing and villagers who were near by escorted the two quarrelling young women in to the presence of the wise young boy,for the had faith in his wisdom to settle the dispute.
He asked why the quarrelled so,and they both replied that they were the truth owner of the cotton necklace.
Mhahawthahta knew by their demeanour as soon as he set eyes on them who the real owner was and who the thief .However,he made no comment as he knew he must give concrete proof.In the presence of the gathered villagers,he asked them if they would abide by his decision after hearing both sides,and they agreed .
He first asked the thief what type of the wood scent she use to coat this necklace made of yarn .The thief answered,"Young sir,I use a mixture of many types of rare wood perfumes to coat my necklace everyday."
When the real owner war asked this question,she answered,"Young sir,I am but a poor woman ;where would i get expensive scents?Everyday,I can only coat my necklace with the sap of the fragrant SHESHAR flower."
Then the young but wise Mahawthahta requested the attending assembly to mark these words carefully.
Calling a cup of pure water ,he then dipped the necklace in and allowed it to soak a few minutes.Then he asked a villager well-know for excellent olfactory sense to smell the water .The man said,"My wise lord ,the water has no scent of expensive wood but only of the SHESHAR flower."
The Mahawthahta asked the thief to confess,and she could do nothing but admit her guilt.
Mahawthahta then reprimanded the thief and told her live to free of such sins.The companions of the wise boy Mahawthahta punished her with a beating she never forgot.

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